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Transform yourself...

...Into Beauty or The Beast with our brand new game. Are you gentle and modest like Beauty? Or are you after a more beastly look? Simply select a character, upload a photo and get creative!

Don't forget to share your Beauty or The Beast photo on social media for all your friends to see.

Choose a picture

Add a portrait photo of yourself. It will work best if you pick a photo where you are front facing the camera.

Crop your picture

Scroll on the picture to zoom in or out and drag it to center it at the center of the frame.

Pinch to zoom in or out and move your picture at the center of the frame.


You can drag each element you add over the image, to place them precisely. Use the + and - buttons below to change their size.

Share your photo

Share with your friends by copying the link below or sharing directly to social media by clicking on an icon


Choose from Photos

Browse your albums until you find a picture you want to use

Select an album

Select a new photo

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